Miss Call...
Sardar: Miss, Do u called 2 my mobile?
Teacher: Me? No, why?
Sardar: Yesterday I saw in my mobile- "1 Miss Call".

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Kanti Adhikari


 Shyanu regmi Says

my lovely surkhet.alot of thanks to surkheti basi

shyanu regmi ( gujarat )

 Sahil Says

i luv my surkhet

 Kishan gaha Says

Malaai dherai nai khushi laagyo saayd surkhet pani pragati tarfa lamki raheko chha.badhaai chha.thank you very much.

 Jeevan shahi Says

keshav g la badhahi chha surkhet lai worlwide banauna pahal greko ma

 Simadangi Says

i love skt very much bucause i born in chhinchu7skt.now my family are live in chhinchu skt.really skr is the very beautiful and lovely place

 Mani Says

I love my surkhet

 Jamshed idris Says

NamasteSurkhet.com team lai dherai dherai badhai cha.sathay yeuta anurodh pani cha.tapaiharule vally bhnada bahir ko pani kehi kura samaves gare ajhai ramro hunthyo.dhanywad.JAMSHED IDRIS

 Nabraj poudel Says

This is the best site to know information about surkhet can free download the local song

 Prem bhusal Says

i think it is a good site
i want to get more informatiom about kakre,deuti and other places of surkhet from this site.would u add that types of info.

 Niraj Says

Hi K6 surkhet people.Bindas Hola haina.I miss U all skt frn N out Of valley.ROck the life Ok.

 Mr Kul bdr. saru from pipira chouck says. Says

I would like say hello to everybody.... and.. wish you a very - very happy 2067. comes true your every dreams..

All the best......MY LOVELY SUKHETI BASI...XX

 Mr mahesh saru Says




 Chandra magar Says

Hi namastesurkhet.com

 Chandra magar Says

we are very happy because namastesurkhet.com is one most important communication media in 21 century so this media still bring new social awardness as well as so on.

 Padmini panwar Says

hello friends..........i love surkhet...

 Gopal Budha Says

I LOVE my surkhe,

 Alpaviram Says

यहाँ देशको छ चिन्ता तिमी माया माया भन्छ्यौ।
साचै नबुझ्ने हौ कि नबुझ्ने जस्तै बन्छ्यौ…………॥

आज सुर्खेत संग नजीक नभएपनी यो site मार्फत सुर्खेतको मुटुमै बसीरहे जस्तो अनुभव भईरहे छ ।सुर्खेत लाई चिनाउन यतीराम्रो काम गर्नुभयोतपाईहरुलाई धन्यवाद मात्र कमै हुन्छ जस्तो लाग्छ ।यस siteको उत्तोतर प्रगतीको शुभकामना …………

 Princeofsurkhet Says

Hello Namastesurkhet.com Thank you very much. Todays I am felling very proud because your team able to built namastesurkhet. we are not loose to compare to another district . we are challenge to Word . Thanx Again Namatesurkhet

 Sabindra rawal Says

there is no words to say about my skt (SURKHET) i simply looooooooooov ma skt.if god come n give me a option to choose haven or skt then my ans will b skt. thats how i loooov my skt. n i loov peole of skt

 Suman B. singh Says

I really appreciate Bheri Radio team for regular news. Can dare to request for regular Musical programs so that I can feel my Surkhet in New Delhi..

Kindly start to process it if possible.

Suman B. Singh

 Purna thapa Says

Dear Team,

It's great your team have been done and i realised that you guys have many difficulties to effort so many things at a same time which making troubble to develop your programme i think all the people are expecting your progress like me so do your best as much as you guys can, i appreciated your team anyway.

 Resham Jung Singh Says

Many many thanks for developing such type of website for surkheti.

Resham Jung Singh
Suspension Bridge Engineer
TBSU/Helvetas Nepal

 Chandra saru Says

it is very good to read about surkhet in this website, lots of people can take advantage from this website reading the news and some suduff information in here, i m really happy about it, what we can do is, we can promote our tourism of surkhit,advertising in this website,

 Lok Acharya Says

I appreciate your efforts. I have a little suggestion. If you could put lodging and fooding info on the website, it will be very useful for people who are willing to Surkhet. I would like to apologize if you have already included this info and I did not see.

I hope you will take it as a positive feedback.


 Krishna b.k Says

Dalit lai chatana dana samgri pane rakhanu paro.

 Laxman sunar Says

Hi frend khusi lagyo pragati hudai jahos

 Irina Shakya Says

I am a foreign girl of 20 years. Now I am in Surkhet . I want to visit villages of Surkhet. If any girl or group of girls read this message, please e-mail me. We go together treking to the villages.

 Ayush thapa Says

Hello Padmini its me ayush thapa from Surkhet. Are you really from Garhwal? I'm glad to see you here.I love Garhwal very much because i spent my 12 year of life in there. In my heart has many memories of Garhwal. Padmini i really want to make a good friendship with you and want to recall those days which i passed in your Garhwal. Please Padmini mail me at ayush_asafal@yahoo.com as soon as possible. Take care and be happy.

 Sumina Says

thanks for creating a nice junction for all us -surkhet people n for other to know about surkhet

 Padmini panwar Says

hi skties...i m crazy about ur place...i hav a gr8 bond with ur land.........

 Ramesh Says

the axeeeeee
rocks on
skt guy

 Padmini panwar Says

thnx a lot...friends im orkuter also...join me...namasty surkhet...

 Padmini panwar Says

i m crazy about SURKHET VILLAGE.......i m from GARHWAL(india).....

 Padmini panwar Says

i like ur village...i m from GARHWAL(india)

 Padmini panwar Says

i want to know more about surkhet...is there is naupheri village,near to surkhet...

 Kaushal bahadur shahi Says

its good to see lots of things going changes keep it up.HAPPY DASHAIN N TIHAR...

 Dikendra Dhakal Says

Dear Nasmaste Surkhet Team,
Great job you are doing. I cant remain without browsing this site at least once a day. Would be great if you could bring surkhet news/coverage about festival period (Dashain & Tihar). Would be great to go through the lines for those who miss their dear Surkhet in the festivals!

 Tek Raj shahi Says

Surkhet is very very beautiful& peaceful

 Anil Chheti Says

Nice to see site updated...!wish frequency to be increased!!!

 Keshav chand, bikram grg, NATO base camp kandahar afghansitan Says

On the auspicious occasion of Dashain, the greatest festival of Nepalese & all the Hindus, I want to express my warmest wishes to everyone. May this great festival of Dashain bring good fortune & prosperity in your life. Let mother durga bless you all family with the dreams of yours life, property, and add you a joy of the joy and happiness that never have a limitation that you ever dream too, May the blessings of Goddess Durga always be with you and your dear ones. Soo enjoys the dashian with great,Happy Vijaya Dashain....

 Keshav chand Says

Thans alot to NAmastesukhet.com team.Its doing very good job.i want to coment such as if The web side avalible for local job vacancy.That will be better..

 Asis Hml Says

Its a very immense pleasure to see this url of sukhet and its really a great chance for surketi's all over the world to see a lot of changes and development in surkhet valley. what more to say? But surkheti's are going on. all the best guys who ever have uploaded this url. Want much more than this...

 Keshav chand Says

its so nice web side.i hope it will be best more

 Ayush thapa Says

सम्पूर्ण सुर्खेतवासी मा मेरो नमस्कार....
आज यो वेबसाइड पाएर मा धेरै खुसी छु ! आज सुर्खेत देखि टाडा भये पनि यो साइड ले मलाई फेरी सुर्खेत संग जुड्ने अवसर प्रदान गरेको छ।

thanks namstesurkhet.com team


 Ramesh Says

Hello. it's nice

 Anjal shrestha.... Says

roooooooooooooooccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn srkhet

 Anjal Says

rock on.......... surkhetpeople

 Gopal budhathoki Says

Every time I say how are surkhet?
my heart says, I care for surkhet..

Every time I ask how have you been?
my heart whispers, I miss Surkhet

GOpal BUdhathoki
Acme Engineering college

 Sachin Shakya Says

Its very very nice to see NamasteSurkhet.com, it brought back lots of memories of old days.
Thanks to Prawash for letting me know about this site and Thanks to every one involved in making this site.
Great Works Guys.

Sachin Shakya.

 Prawash Says

namastesurkhet.com rocks

 Tej Budha Says

Hi, really namaste surkhet doing good job. I heard some new website from surkhet took some important document from namastesurkhet.com website, it's so bad. If really they want to do some new thing for surkhet, than they must be do some new thing. We all surkheti people proud, bcoz we have some new and old website from surkhet. Best Of Luck.

Tej Budha
Project kabul

 GopaL Budha Says

I love My surkhet.
Me GOpal Budha
Birendranager surkhet
Acme Engineering College

 Lokendra BAraghare Says

I love you Nameste Surkhet.com

 Lokendra Baraghare Says

It is really great for surkhety people and surkhet district also.
By this website every people can read about "Surkhet" in the world.
We can share our activites in other pleses. so it is a masic & great things for us. ok
Lokendra Baraghare
Ramght 6 Surkhet

 Roshan Says

This is the starting of success!!.....best of luck...!!!

 Anil Chhetri Says

Nice to see the site updated.....

 Ganesh Says

good work ,

 Tirtha Says

I want to see lots good photograph of surkhet valley.

 Khagendai Says

k ho bro haru k gareko yesto?skt ko site ma skt kai detail map chaina ............maile ta help garnu pardai na hola .i hope u guys r perfect 4 that hoina ra????????/

 Gopal Says

Hi all of you.me Gopal from ktm .ok bye ...best of luck....

 Niraj Hamal Says

Hi surkhete friend.Its me surkhete Niraj.I love My surkhet because of my birth place.Mero Surkhet Mahan.Rock SURKHET.


k ho ajai ramro bhako chaina yar, what abt jokes n online chatting wid surkhrti guys ha.. it wiil be best.Ani description of skt wid map of whole skt.

 Anil Chhetri Says

sorry to hear some contents of the site to have been copied illegally in surkhetonline .com......I really condemn such a filthy job!

 Krishan khatri nakal Says

i love that place very much.and i want to be membere of namastesurkhet.com..ok bye surkheti..surkhet place is that's my heart i don't forget.

 ND Hamal Says

Good initiative ,deserves appreciation! yes ofcourse the site is in its initial phase....shortcomings expected,inevitable.Hope it will certainly get improved in course of time...interactive section be incorporated, increment in nepali articles would certainly icrease its catchment area.....It would be better one had it been a regional representative...!
all the best to the crew of namastesurkhet n thanks to the crew member introducing the site to me!!!

 Khagen Says

it's too long n't having there but this site makes closer to me
thnks 4tht
home to inprove more

 P4uprakash Dhakal Says

Hi, Mero Desh,Mero Nepal & Mero SURKHET.Malai pyaro lagchha mero Surkhet ani mero surkhet open garne mera Friends haru...

 Ajay Says

hi surkhet its me ajay all the way from jawalakhel..i love that place very much.and i want to be membere of namastesurkhet.com..ok bye surkheti..

 Bimubaral Says

thanks to all and send my regards to all my loving nepalis from malaysia.

 Bhimu baral Says

hai..iam very thank to surkhet,coz very far i can hering very clearlly.tq again send my regards to my lovelly nepal peoples and my family in mehelkuna .i love you all .

 Bhim Says

kunai sameye ma ek dam ramro thiyo tar ahile khai ke bhayo 2 week's dekhi ko news huncha khali..hun ta kunai badha ra adchan haru pakkai holan tar pani 7 samunra pari basne bideshi haru ko lagi alikati sochidinu parla ki kin ki yehi nai ho hamro mato...

 Chakra thapa Says

Hello surkhetis….. I m proud to b a surkheti….. the website has developed the feeling of closer even more to my birthplace,…..its truely awesome to look at these images of surkhet …n thanks to website members kanti di, keshab, bijesh, purnima and arjun ji…… n hoping to see more images with more new news in future…….. till then c u again.

 Mani Says

surhet I am mani.I am from kathmandu.My parents are in surkhet.I love surket very much.surkhet is the very beautiful place.I am comming in surkhet after 4 month.ok byeeeeee take care

 Prakash devkota Says

yo tarika ta bhayana ni sadai eakai thari kura matra kai ta update garnu pareo ni ?
News ma pani chado chado update garnu pareo....

Prakash devkota
ICAI New delhi

 Tej Bahadur Budhoki,Salyani Says

Namaste, I am Tej Bahadur Budhathoki,Mulkhola-2,Salyan. Now I am Reading In Butwal.After 2 years ago I study Nepal Rastriya Madhyamik Vidhyalaya, (Danda School), Surkht.I want sweet remember all My Dear Teachers, My class mate, Like Sagar Bohara,Santosh Thapa Magar,Arju Gautam, Tika Raskoti, Nabin Shahi, Kamal Singh, Binod Shahi, Asbir Thapa and Prkash Pathak(Naulapur)etc By this Site.Plz Call me 071-546774. Thanks Many more Namastesurkhet.com

 Gaurav Manandhar Says

Nameste to my Surkhet from far apart through this namestesurkhet.com,

Thanks to this site,

 Mani Says

I love surhet very much because i born in surkhet.now my parent are live in surkhet.really surkhet is the very beautiful and historial place.

 SuSeeL Says

Hi,its me SusEel frm skt, i feeel too Cool when i Enter this Website,I m really Proud of namesteSurkhet entire Team.

 Mahesh sharma Says

i am knocking u to wake up this site ...come on u can give the challenge..to be ..better then the best......

 Nilu acharya Says

i think nowdays the namastesurkeht is slowing down.No updates of news,no updates of face of the month? why!!!
come on please make this site a smoothly running website and update to dates so that we can know everyday ongoing in surkhet my hometown...
good lucks~~~

 Bishan Says

hello! recently i visit surkhet after 8 years and there i heard the about namaste surkhet. this is really appreciated ...that this world can see the culture of surkhet which is represent the NEPAL......thanks to the whole crue...i am feeling very proud...
Bishan kumar(Chandigarh, INDIA)

 Min roka magar Says

Good morning Surkhet, hello to everyone.
No doubt, Surkhet in itself is an interesting prospect.People like us can make it even better.Let's do it.


 Niva Sharma Says

Hey surkhetis u have uncovered our homeland in front of the world through this site. Hats off 2 the hilarious desiners.
N by this site i want 2 speak my surkhetian mind.In the race of development,
there is push n pull between different places. So we should be united and ignited 2 develop our place with our own efforts.
No one\'s gonna come and build surkhet,
sole responsibility is upon us.
The university should be established at any rate.
There is need of good health service.The regional hospital should extend services. CT SCAN and MRI are to be set up.
So we should devote our wealth and life 4 neocreations at our place.
I m ready 2 grant my life r u prepared.
Plz try ! Just 4 the sake of birthland.
-NIVA, skt valley

 Prakash devkota Says

Hi nameste surkhet.com aba yasma surkhet ko each VDC ra municipality ko barema lekhanuparcha.Ra improtant kura ke bhene Gumi VDC ko Bhote chuli ko barema pani Gallary ma include garnu pareo.

prakash devkota
birendranagar -12 neware surkhet

 Min roka magar Says

Good to see Surkhetis coming out to flourish their immense talent in almost every sector.Good sign,Surkhet can definately stand out now.

 Prakash Devkota Says

I am very happy now because our surkhet is developing In every sector, Health, education, Transport and On IT too, This webside is a Example of developing in IT. At last I want to Thnks all the member of this webside,and want to suggest that " Trace out the Top people of every sector in surkhet and Reconized Them in all over the world which may Help those people which havenot self power to face the expensive world by other media".


 Keshav shahi Says

As a citizen of surkhet im happy that surkhet has its own website so keep it up guys and all the best for ur future..
Keshav shahi

 Santosh sharma Says

Hi guys! I personally appreciate your effort to start this portal. I have a strong feeling for university at surkhet, which we must campaign for. It will not only improve the social situation of surkhet, but also the economic situation of mid-west. And, there are thousand of reasons why surkhet shall be the idea location for the university and not others. Among all reasons, the climatic situation, the accessibility for other districts people will be the top reason.

 Bijay bc Says

It was such a long time i guess after two years later i was back to nepal .though the ktm was same as before.i found loat of changes in surkhet in each and every fields.every thing is going superb!among all those fund collection for the university in surkhet was superb!

skt rocks

bijay b.c
copenhgen .denmark

 Gayatri GC Says

Hi!its me Gayatri GC .Even though i am in US i am feeling happy to get attach with surkhet and surkheti people through this website.As it is well said that "Thousands of miles begins from a single step" you guys has proved it.
Thank u so much for opening this site.May this site get great success in the near future.

 Dharminder thapa Says

as a citizen of surkhet im happy that surkhet has its own official website so keep it up guys and all the best for ur future

 Ganesh Gautam Says

I am really amazed when i browse this site and really happy to surf it.good going guys. keep it up.
i tried to register in this site and i cannot. hope you guys will fix it soon . and plz keep some more informations and keep on updating. that will be more helpful to know about surkhet for outsiders like us.

again all the best and keep on going.

 Narayan chand Says

Hi, its me N chand.I am tremendous and whishing great to all my seukheti and dailekhi people. when i see this web side link i feel proud of u cause u guys getting a great job.
U have doing a prove, nothing is impossible.ahh iam willing immense in upcoming era.

Narayan chand (Nrcl_cha)
project KBL

 Bhim Says

google open garer tatekai man bahalaune kram ma surkhet open gareko yo website khulyo sayed bideshi ko yo bhanda aru khusi ke nai hun sakcha ra..great job for our hertland SURKHET.pls add some extra information thaen all can know abt our motherland...tq very much..

 Krishna gaha Says

sachaini malai dherai khusi lagyo ek din ma office ma basera googale ma surkhet ko barema sarch gareko thiya akasmath surkhet.com khulna gayo. ani ma aafai lai bhagey mani manchhu. kinaki ma ahile (India)ma basdai gaun gharko barema sabai netma herchhu.

 Sushanta Bhusal Says

Namaste surkhet.com

First of all I was so glad to see my local place online. Its really a proud feel to me as I can see my place and people far away from home. Actually I am from Oklahoma State USA done with my master degree in civil engineering. You guys are doing a great job creating this website so that people can view and know about our beautiful valley Surkhet. Its awesome, wish u guys good luck for future progress.

Sushanta Bhusal

 Yubaraj sharma Says

I always appreciate suva sistr's work to empower the poor and marginalized women.I think she must be success her attempt.

 Mahesh sharma Says

one day i search the site of surkhet frm Google..2month ago ..i found u...yes..i got..my heart leaps..its really good..while i often see that ..i never miss my skt...love u all skt people....saying hello 2 all members team..

 Yuv raj kumar K.c. Says

Firstly, I would like to appreciated your effort of creating such help full websites.
God bless you for spending your valuables time and effort for such useful thing. I wish you better growth for these services.
Keep in touch in future too
Middle east

 Tantra Says

i am from abroad and i feel so lucky to know about my hometown surkhet's website. well i used to listen the radio bheri news everyday but since the radio link is transferred in to the new page i cannot listen it ...so please do something guys so that i become up to date with the news at my hometown...

 Bibek poudel Says

Hey surkhet niwashi best of luck for interductivity about Surkhet dist.because it's our poperty where stay many sourses of income and we able to survive easyly ok .
and it concept is very attractive for ourlovely area surkhet .I think we must be it'(namastesurkhet.com)s promotion for make famous in our society,country,and world.
So im also listner radio B F M 98.6&102.7 mhz therefore i reconige nealry all Rj of there indirectly .Although iwant to say Best of luck la.

 Yubraj Says

Hey Hey Surkheti people kimff(Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival) is going to held on surkhet.. Catch that program..
Namastesurkhet.com Rocks

 Stango Says

well, it's amazing to see my hometown here in Connecticut. i miss my skt...

 Rajender singh Says

Nice design

Aru je bhaye pani website ko naam dherai ramro cha

i am very Happy because of Ur Site
rajender singh live india news channels

 Indraj sharma Says

i like this site..........i hope in future this site is better for surkhet valley.................

 Rajesh giri Says

it's really a great effort. congrats guys and keep it up.


 Surkhetee Says

thank u very much for making this website n introducing us infront of the world ani i think to make this website more intresting we have to add some more things like
yadi kunai event bhayo bhane tesko pic , school coll ko pic ani hamro skt ma ta kati ramra kta kti chan ni tini haru ko pic (i mean manche lai ta tesko style le ta chutaucha ni so that other people know our skt got so many talent)
n i m so proud that i m from skt
all the best for u guys to make this website better

 Punk de wild Says

HEY GUYS HAPPY NEW YEAR HMMMMM........ Anyway u guys have don such a gret job. bt it is not as much as we can satisfy. do ur best .

 Regal Says

Hi GUYS !!!

It was really gr8 to surf through this website dedicated for the better future of surkhet, my hometown.

Keep up ur good work
May u flourish and suceed more in days to come.

Hats off to U all !

 Chitra Budhathoki Says

Namaste, Thanks very much to Namastesurket.com team.Please we, r hurry listen Radio from your website. as soon as full fill that your great vision. I wis This site able to stablish New n diffrent history in IT Sectors. Thank you.

 Nisha Says

Hi, This site namastesurkhet.com is really eulogistic. Its nice to see u even if i have not gone there once. Keep going!!!

 Yubraj Says

Watching this site after long time. Got change on the site. Halka Halka surkheti jhilke and jhilkne haru ko photo pani rakhum la web master...
namastesurkhet.com rocks

 Dikendra Dhakal Says

Apreciating attempt.
Cheers. Want to see more columns soon.
yours Dikendra

 Saibaba Says

Circuite: Oye hoye kya chamatkar horahela hey bhai.
Munna: Boleyto, mamu skt ka website aarelhahey.
Circuite: Kya bhai skt ka website?
Muuna: Circuite a website developer ko kidnap karneka hai aaur face of the month me hamara thopda rakhane ka mangta he.
Circuite: Hojayga bhai. Tenson nahi leneka.

Just Kidding.

 BPN (mayanamara) Says

cheers up!!!!!!hurry!!!! happy connectin ppl.... n missin all da gyz of skt...

thanx to admin group....go on..

 Chandra kant sharma Says

My heart is still pounding seeing this significant approach.I was glad to read out the feedback of Ranjita di,Lok bijaya ,Bishwo bharati dai and Anil Basnet dai.I hope this will provide a single platform for all Surkhetians to share their feelings.


 Sumina Says

thanks for providing this platform 2 connect we surkheti n by letting other 2 know who WE R

 Nitu Says

hi its really nice 2 see namaste surkhet.com all the best 2 all the entire team

 Chandra kant sharma Says

This was a fabulous and energetic efforts from namaste surkhet team.I was on the verge to create website of surkhet by my own.I am happy to see this being done before i did.
The site should be updated frequently and you should take care of registration process.Why can't i register ?the page gets redirected to the home page.I hope you will update this.And too i hope you will keep some chanting and glorifying images of skt ...

 Rabindra Says

Well, go on...................

 Dhruba raj Gautam Says

Hi Every body
This is really appreciative starting to promote our identity and our locality which are under the shadow . so i would like to give thanks who made us proud .

best sucess

 Suvas KC (Australia) Says

Firstly I would like to thank all the members of namastesurkhet.com. I appreciate your work. It is the first time that the youngstar have come to brighten own locality in the world. Keep it up. It is the first step you have to do best in the future and i hope this site(www.namastesurkhet.com) will definitely progress in near future. The surkheti people which are out of town or country will be proud of its work. All the best for further progress. At last thanks alot for the glimpse of Sukhet all over the world through internet.

 Ma ani timi Says

what about putting the message box so that we can deliver message to our friends,families and the loved ones...i think this will increase the popularity of this site...good idea huh!!!


ohh its good to see the surkhet website.SURKHET is going to the side of progress ledder.it relly make me happy.everybody of the world can see our really beautiful SURKHET.I hope that this site may help people to know all thing about SURKHET more and more....i really feel proude of myself that i'm from SURKHET,and it's my birth place too.THANK YOU SURKHET miss u too...

 (¯`»¦«Tej Budha»¦«´¯) Says

Namaste all team. Thank you very much, when I open this page all time this page is same plz we are very hurry to open this page, and watch to local news and FMs easily from this website. again once more time Thank youvery much .

(¯`»¦«Tej Budha»¦«´¯)
(¯`»¦«AFG, Kabul »¦«´¯)

 Tej Budha Says

Hi, everybody
Congratulations!!!!! you all of , who's working with this namasresurkhet.com. I hope in comming days,we can read local news and easy to listen local FM radio from this website ..... Once more time thankyou very much. we all surkheti people are very proud with this namestesurkhet.com.

Afg, Kabul

 Ma ani timi Says

in the future i hope to see the daily news of surkhet in this website...i think this will help me to know what's going on in my hometown!!! Best of Lucks.......

 Ganesh Paudel Says

I am so Glad to use this site its is so fantastic so keep it up and make more sucesive

Thanks for giving the Information of Surkhet

 BPN Says

hi! administrator bro.. juz update new thing hai.. alyz same so smthin borr...watz a problem wid new member regestering .. hope u will get well sooon...

cya .. at da last it will gr8 ..

 Maanitimi Says

everytime i open the page, i can see the same ...why not updates???

 YUbraj Says

k ho surkheti people haru aalchi bhako ho jasto lagyo ni feedback nai dherai aaudaina ta jus try to talk on feedback section la guys. Ani hamro photo chai kaile rakhne ni face of the day ma hami lai pani kaile kaile ket haru le herna garaune paryo ni. he he he jus kiddin hai.... namastesurkhet.com rocks


Dear All,

Heartiest greeting to all people behind this wonderful site & action. Great look, great contents with great varities.

 Chitra Budhathoki Says

Namastesurkhet.com team lai dherai dherai bahdai 6. Sathai ajhai dherai dherai unnati ra pragati ko hardik shuvhakamana dina chahanchhu. Surkhetki Deuti bahai le safaltoma more help all of you. BEST OF LUCK.............

 Chitra Bahadur Budhathoki, Mulkhola-2, Salyan, Now EMI Butwal (9 Says

Namaste all team. Thank you very much. Todays I am felling very proud because your team able to built namastesurkhet.com. I wish all sucess forward. So that I wana say Namaste, Namastesurkhet.com an salam to namastesurkhet.com team.


Hey guyz i wud like 2 thanx u 4 creating blogs abt my beautiful Town.. we (surkheti) r proud of u.. bcoz of u trying to describing n blowing beuty of surkhet to whole nepal, world ... bydaway if u expect any kindz of help we r ready ... remem us in mail..

best of luck for 4dar work.. cya bie
(bpn, chisapani, skt)

 Prakashjung thapa Says

glad to see namastesurkhet.missing my hometown so much...keep on rocking..........cheers..!!!

prakashjung thapa

 Thirthu gurung australia { dhodekhali} Says

khusi lagyo namaste surkhet .com dekhara ani surkhet pani pragati ko path ma lagdai chha best of luck

 Ganesh Says

Best of luck Namaste Surkhet and its promoter. hope ur Vision be achieved soon. BILL GATES le jati paisa diye pani Sell nagarnu yo website.

 Teju G.C. Says

Thanks for visit this website to Namastesurkhet.com team. There is possible for Only English ? Please attach in Nepali font. That better than English and easy for people.
Select news also and articles. There are interview more. I hope to improve in your webpage. thnks alot again.
Teju G.C.
Ramghat-8, Surkhet

 Nelly furtado Says

its cool website.i wanted to know abt nepals plces n jus went through ye webpage......

 Narayan thapa Says

I Like this Page.and try to adde more so tha people can know about surkhet.

Narayan Thapa

 Bishwa bharati Says

"'Nothing is impossible if we have great commitment to achieve it" this says comes true when i go through this site, im so proud to know about it!! thanks to NAMASTESURKHET.COM TEAM, i hope i can also contribute my effort to make this dream successful. = bishwa bharati, birendranagar-06 laxmi hall road, surkhet.

 Yubraj Says

hey hey surkheti people dont u know new things happening at surkhet. plz share those sweet things in this site. to the founder of this site i just want to say that plz insert the section hamro ramailo kura haru in this site from which we can share more things wid surkheti people. Neways namastesurkhet.com and surkheti people rocks.

 Jay Radhe Says

It would be great if there were a place where we could put on our feedback on the articles posted.

 Bikram Says

Keep on toward success, ammmmm good face as well. It\'s better to see birth place as well as some frens as face of the month.

 Wild Fire Says

Cool guys...This time your face of the month is Mind blowing....Sounds intresting personality......Congrates to Summnima for being seconf face of the month at namastesurkhet.com...


 Gaurav Manandhar Says

It's Very nice to see my lovely Surkhet in my desktop and my loptop.really thanks to namastesurkhet group to promote my mother land ................
and wish you a greate success to you dude.greate job

 Nirajan Rana Says

Hi every body feeling greate. out look also smart. Hope that surkhet also make an indentity infornt of International. Hope sucess for future.

Nirajan Rana
BlueSky Techonology & Cyber Cafe

 Dave babu Says

"It's ok...hope u guys will come up with better ideas on coming days...

 Ravi Says

Hey buddy i would like to thank u for creating such a beautiful blog about my Home Town Surkhet. Its a honor for having such a beautiful look. But hey there is a problem, when i try to register myself then i got no response. Hey guys fix this problem. I want to be a member and love to use this site and i wanna show my hometown to my Buddys man.

My Love to Surkhet
Mail me may be i can help you giving information about u know SURKHET

 Saykhar Gyanwali Says

I want to join in namaste surkhet as user but when I click in Register for user there is no response.

 Saykhar Gyanwali Says

Would you mind to put detail about surkhet Airport, Market, Banking facilities, Hopital Facilities etc.& I am lauging at one jokes since many days so that it will be better to update jokes, wehere i can laugh at many jokes.

 Shekhar Gyanwali Says

I think it will better to put a brief map of surkhet where we can find too many place. And what about virtual toor of Bulbule, Kakrebihar, Baraha Lake, Deutibajyai, Ghantaghar etc.

 Saykhar Gyanwali Says

I'm glad to open this website. In my opinion it is a proudable step for Surkhet district to make it popular in all over the world.In every step there so many mistake so that namaste surkhet team should learn from these mistake and make it very attractive and knowledge. I think it will be better to update this website weekly.
Thanks namaste surkhet team for placing our district in WWW

 Ranjita Says

Wow! what a great job you people has done. Great ! and try to adde more and more so tha people can know about surkhet.
Ranjita (SOS SUrkhet)

 Shravan Says

i found the sight perfect. but u can also add a section to be a member and give some facilities to them. i think that will be even better

 Yubraj Dhakal Says

hey the group of the namastesurkhet.com firstly i just want to thank 2 u people. And when i see here the chat shop of Ghantagar then i was really surprised and start thinking when to go there and eat chat and batasa. lolz!!!!!! neway there are some more such intresting places such as tower of itram shouldn't b forgotten he he he.
Neway Namastesurkhet.com and surkheti people rocks!!!!!

  prakash dhakal Says

Hey,guy you have done the best job for the development of our hometown surkhet.. We are expecting other interesting articles and photos to promote the socio-economic, cultural ,political and tourism of our heartland surkhet ...........

 Lok Says

for me its a great thing to have connected with my birth place always through this site.
thanks to all of you who had contributed to make this site.

lok bijaya pokhrel

 Uttam Gaulee Says

Just a suggestion,

Mr. Jeevan Shakya of Surkhet has prepared a 'Surkhet Profile'. Can you provide a link in this website so that profile so that it enables people to see the real picture of Surkhet?

 Amar singh thapa Says

dherai khusi lagyo,surkhet lai pani yesari websitema ma herna pauda,keep it up.yesmai chitta bhujhunu chai hudaina,ajhai ramro gardai jaous "namastesurkhet.com" le.subhakamana cha.keep it up

 Bikram Yogi Says

I used to teach in ST.Mary's Boarding School as a computer teacher and worked in many institute as a computer hardware instructor and had also own business in Newroad (Quality Liveware Computer Institue)so i think myself a good computer user so i appriciate what the namstesurkhet team had done and i believe it will do better in future days in the design of website.

 Bikram Yogi Says

am permanent resident of surkhet, who born there and lived for about 22 years and now am in Australia but when i came to know our Intellectual body of surkhet had created a website, where i can identify myself among my frens then i was really happy, now i can show them my surkhet. Thanks a lot
I really appriciate the work

 Sher Bahadur RC Says

Thabnk you very much for your creative work.It would be better to include research based articles on natural resources management.
Sher Bdr RC

 Uttam Says

Hi Dear Ones

This is a really commendable step you people have taken, whoever you guys are. I am so glad about it. Info about this place was direly felt and there is still much worth-mentioning.


 Anil Dhakal Says

Hey Bro, Nice job.

Well you made it keep it up man

 Niroj Says

It seems surkhet is really nice place for hangout.I m planning to visit surkhet in near future.Thanks this site for making me familiar to surkhet..

 Ramesh Says

Today i am very Happy because of Ur Site

 Bijay bc Says

wIs u hApPy dAsHaIn n dIpAwAli fOr alL
aS wEll fOr nAmAstEsUrKhEt.cOm


 Bishal Says

Its great to hav such an site where we can introduce our home city, surkhet.Keep on going, we all are proud for what u hav done.and A BUNCH OF LUCK TO THIS SITE FOR ITS GREAT FUTURE

 Anil Basnet Says

nice to see on internet surkhet!!! fabolus, good job guys!!! but first page very very impressive no doubt but do please upgrade and keep it up guys!!!!!
best regards
Anil Basnet

 Bimal Says

i proud of ur love n positive intension toward surkhet as well as nepal
really our city so fantastic n beauty . here is alot charming on torist area . who is trying to know the city all over the world ,is great
i will send u other valuable information n photos for reform the site.

 Basant Subedi Says

Today i am very happly because today i see my place surkhet in Internet and view some picture of my local place.

 Basant Says

I have some picture of Surkhet. like Shiddhapaila, Bulbule deutibajai, ghantagar and other. Consult me at my email address or phone no 9848032243 ok bye

 Biky Says

Nice job. Keep on going. NAMASTE SURKHET!

 Surkheti local Says

its nice to see a glance of my home city from the any corner of the globe. I fill pride to myself. any one who had made this site, me n all of the guys from surkhet wanna say thanx to the unit. And hope u'll make it more intersting and educational also.

 Ritu N Singh Says

Wishing you all a very warm & prosperous Ganesh Chaturthi.

 Jagat rokaya Says

hi everybody,
its coooooooool its really a very beautiful place,my surkhet is my pride.

 RS Says

That\'s a good start. Hope to see more in the future about my home.

 Moon Rawat Says

Oh! it is the great. I find it when I seek to get it. Thank you very much for this.
Unfortunately it lacks the information I am searching for. anyway little thing is better than nothing. I hope you will add the events, news, programs that are launching in the district to this website in the days to come.
Wishing you all the best.
Moon Rawat

 SpAnJaN Says

Hi Everybody,

a long before, I am also looking like that side about Our palce. It\'s nice for starting. I think for the future, we need to do alot of things in this site.


 Ramesh Regmi Says

hey nice work dude! but need to say that i would like to see more of surkhet so it would be icing on the cake if u upload sm pics 2 show d landscapes of Surkhet. U must be ware it does have breath taking sceanrios. At last kudos 2 u, great work. @webmaster :could u mail me, have sm cool stuff for d site

 Whatever Says

Congrats to Namastesurkhet.com.
since this is not my hometown know very little abt surkhet, that I have heard from my frens and the notes that are mentioned here in the site and some of the comments from the you people. but I think here we have a disscussion topic to comment. Well I am not saying do not thank the site, but being the outsider I want to know more abt the location. So any body plz post some new thing abt surkhet. Cheers namastesurkhet.com. Done a wonderful job out here...

 Rishi Says

thats my hometown and em missing it so much,and thanks for the person who made this site..cheerss!!!


 Sagun shrestha Says

this is my birth place..so thanks fa introducing my place infront of the world

 Krishna Says

I am bery gald for look this site
The contact is good but The site is not user intercative, if you contact me then i can free help you to make the site about surkhet for look like in its's other.. wish u contact & Thanks to them who make this site ...

 Bipin Kumar Shahi Says

hi .. firstly so much happy to c tat site n wan to giv congrats to concepter of this site.
but its so much greater if u add some pic gallery, most newz, n all abt skt. its better if we change the iots look.
anyway its a great work 4 our district introducing.


Hi everybody,I wish for the desigener in the first and secondly i wish who reach on this web site.I request of all you to say to own friends about namastesurkhet.com.Piease up date this web site for latst news

 Gaurav Manandahr Says

Me too very glad knowing about this site but i feel myself it's not so impressive; only the front page. SO ,please do upgrade on this site.

 Umesh Says

its a veru good to communication who are far from surkhet& knows the news about surkhet & surkheree

 Ritu N Singh Says

Dear All,
Wishing you a very happy friendship day (03.08.08)in advance.


 Ritu N Singh Says

Surkhet - A moderate combination of mordernity of a city & purity of a Village.

I have been there for many times but every times i go there it always look nes, fresh & rejuvenate. People are very hearty, welcome & simple. They firmly believe in live life king size.
Main attraction of this places are 1. Bulbule lake, 2. Kakri vihar -a place which has been sacred by pandavas during the perioid of their exile., 3. Celebration of Dashai, Tihar & Bhai tika., 4. Siddhpaila etc.
Best time ti visit this place is From August to November.
& among the all the places in surkhet i like the Itram the most due to so many reason.like surrounding itram khola, Bheri, Good market etc.

I suggest everybody who are bored with the nuisance of the city must explore this exoctic place called surkhe, means the "land of happiness".


 Suraz Gautam Says

Feels great, At least We "the people of Surkhet" steped ahead in the world of Internet through our own identity.
Looking forward for the Success...

Thanks to those who made us proud for being SURKHETI...


 Arjun Basnet Says

Hi everybody,
congratulation all of us for this website.

Arjun Basnet
Itram, Surkhet

 Shravan vaskota Says

congratulations! The endeavor is appreciable but why didnt u add the About Us part? Introduce urself among all surkhetis.

 Bijay bc Says

thiz mY hOmEtOwN.LuV tO c ThE sKt vAlLeY.
aLl tHe bEsT namastesurkhet.com

bijay bc

 Parivartan Saroo Says

Surkhet ma ghatne sabai ghatna lai online baat pura duniya ma publish garna sakincha...

yes pali ko slc result ma female student le Surkhet ma ramro pardarshan gareko ma sabai students lai dherai subhkamana.

 Kiran Puadel Says

Wonderful thing is arrived in web and that is namastesurkhet.com. We aspect lots of things from it..

Dherai dherai subhkamana

Kiran Paudel-Itram Chowk

 Sapana sapkota Says

Aru je bhaye pani website ko naam dherai ramro cha..Dherai dherai badhai cha namastesurkhet.com lai..ali graphics add garnu paryo..

Sapana Sapkota

 Aseem Basnet Says

Nice design and information...aaha kati ramra ramra kura haru lekheko surkhet ko barema..pura history nai cha....


 Keshav sharma Says

i am very glad to say that this website helps all national and international peoples to know about the surket district.Try to make this website with all features and informatics.


 Amar chand Says

So nice w ay to communicate w ith surkheti buddies and sharing knowledge. Add more pages..thank you very much for starting this web..

Amar chand
Telecommunication Engineer

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